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Indiaheritage is committed to encourage students in creating awareness and love for history and heritage.


We run the “Indiaheritage Awards Scheme” for students to explore more about their cities, country and legacy.


The Awards Scheme is an intensive six week course which includes lessons on the history of your city by leading academics and experts, heritage walks to historically significant monuments (some of which your never knew existed!) and your own individual project work : researching, discovering, experiencing, photographing and blogging about a select monument or area in your city.


We will publish your blog on this website along with your profile and provide you a Certificate of Recognition for successful project completion and helping the cause of heritage awareness.


As a student you will benefit from :

  • the confidence of having real knowledge about your city’s history and culture, that will last a lifetime
  • A published article in your name and a Certificate of Recognition, to add value to college applications


The course is currently open for students in Kolkata, and we are adding more cities very shortly.


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The Indiaheritage Awards Scheme : Kolkata

A 6-week program for students of Class 11 and 12 in Kolkata (and their parents, if interested!)

Program Schedule

Week 1
What got us here : Kolkata’s history in a nutshell
  • The lessons will be led by Dr Sukanya Mitra, a leading academic and Assistant Professor of History at Loreto College
  • There are 3 zoom sessions of about 90 minutes each; covering everything from larger Bengal (Kolkata is Bengal’s 6th capital!) to how Kolkata developed, the colonial city, Kolkata’s reform movements, the growth of radical politics and secret societies….everything you need to know about your city, leaving you smarter than everybody else!
  • It will be Interactive, fun and very very educative
Week 2
Heritage walks to historic monuments and spaces in the city
  • The walks are conducted by Navpreet Arora, who runs FunOnStreets, one of Kolkata’s premier heritage-walk companies
  • Navpreet will take you on 2 (or 3) walks, bringing alive Kolkata’s historical touch-points and built heritage, intangible heritage – with expert storytelling that will give you new perspectives on the city
  • Put on your walking shoes, enjoy and learn!
Week 3 to 5
Individual project work
  • This session is led by Anjum Katyal; writer, editor, translator and Director of literary festivals
  • You will choose from a list Kolkata monuments (or historical places, or significant events) to complete your own self-paced, independent project work
  • Anjum will provide you guidance on reading material and sources that can be used for research. As well as how the project should be written (number of words, credit for sources, photographs etc)
  • Feel free to apply your own knowledge and skills; discover, research, photograph and blog your chosen subject
  • When your article is complete (the guidance is within 3 weeks, but it’s your project so work at your own pace), you can send submit it to us for assessment.
Week 6
Publish the article and earn your Certificate
  • Once assessed (on the criteria of integrity, creativity, research depth and application of mind) we will publish your final article on our website along with your profile
  • And we will be proud to provide you a Certificate of Recognition for successful project completion and helping the cause of heritage awareness

Other Details

Cost : The cost of the program is Rs 15,000/-

Duration : The Indiaheritage Awards Scheme is designed as a 6-week program. However, as much of the work is self-paced and independent, the timing is flexible and dependent on the student’s pace

Student batches : In order to ensure quality and real learning, we will keep each student cohort to 5 students (minimum) and about 10 students (maximum)

Timing : We aim to start the program in Kolkata from end July 2023 onwards