Who is this site for?

This is a space for lovers of history and culture, for learning about and exploring the many lesser known sites and hidden gems from India’s heritage, scattered like gold dust across the land.

A quick introduction

My name is Adil, and i have spent my career working at Multinational Companies across the world. But, while managing Companies and P&Ls is my livelihood, my passion has always been centered on history and culture. I am fascinated by India’s heritage, and deeply curious and inquisitive about its many stories.
I assume the seeds of this passion were sown in me as a student of history at Delhi University. But now, being widely traveled myself, and being a voracious researcher and reader of all things historical, i find myself skilled at picking up the “hidden gems” that i know will interest others, and presenting them to readers in an easy and informal style, like a friend would.

What can you find on this site?

My blogs, which describe the history and back story of these hidden gems, my personal experiences in visiting them, descriptions of what to look for and practical information for planning your own visits.
You will find beautiful photographs that bring the place alive, and interesting side-stories I may have come across in research. The blogs are like a travelogue, guide book and history book in one, essential for those who would like to know India better, and with surprises for those who feel they know it already.