About Us

Who is this site for?

If you are a fan of Indian heritage and history, if you love exploring and travel, this is the place for you. Our contributors are all passionate heritage enthusiasts and experts and you will enjoy their company and reading what they have to share.

What can you find on this site?

You will find blogs, articles and videos describing interesting historical places, their stories and legacies, well researched and written in a way that brings them alive. As well as descriptions of what to look for, with practical information for planning your own visits.

And what if you want to visit these places?

Just contact us and we will connect you with people who can help arrange this for you. Heritage walk experts and tour operators of quality.

A quick introduction to our contributors…

Adil Ahmad

Adil Ahmad has worked with Multinational companies across India, England, Mideast, East Asia….but his passion has always been in history and culture! Adil is deeply curious and about India’s heritage and its many stories, and being widely travelled and a voracious researcher of all things historical, loves discovering ‘hidden gems” that he knows will interest other readers.

Adil is a history graduate from Delhi University (where the seeds of his heritage-passion were sown…) and an MBA. Having finished with his corporate career, he is now a full-time heritage nerd.

Navpreet Arora

Navpreet runs FunOnStreets.com, a Kolkata based walking tours company that briliantly weaves an “insiders” narrative on the city, bringing alive Kolkata’s myriad colours as the “Land of the Babus, the Birthplace of Reformers, the Brewery of Nationalism.”


Navpreet started FunOnStreets in 2016, offering guided tours to locals and visitors alike and she has grown to be one of the major voices in Kolkata’s heritage landscape. Navpreet is a Sociology graduate from Presidency College and has a Masters in Management, having previously worked in the corporate sector for many years….before the heritage bug took over.